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All Guilds Meeting - October 2012

Portrait de Doobes

Shorah everyone!  Another month goes by and another All Guilds Meeting brings a flurry of activity to Kirel on an otherwise peaceful Saturday.  Things started off by giving Leonardo a proper thank you for his service as moderator.  And of course, the usual raw and cleansed chatlogs are here for those that couldn't make it.

Here's the usual Guild of Messengers' All Guilds Meeting Summary (tm)!


Ly was first up to discuss the latest upgrades he's made to Lyrobot, who, for the first time, joined everyone for the meeting.  These changes include:

  • Able to page in several avatars like Kodama and Blake and animate them properly.
  • Can link you to more Ages by PM, including one of the Bahro caves.
  • A more improved teleport function for within Ages.
  • More control over how much your avatar shrinks or grows with an optional size modifier.

Check Lyrobot's site linked above for more information!


Guild of Archivists

Alahmnat came in to present for the GoArch, which hadn't been seen in awhile.  He announced the new site URL:  All of the content has been migrated, but a lot of it needs to be updated and cleaned up.  Alahmnat called upon any interested explorers to sign up at the site and help out at any time.

JWPlatt, Christian WaltherMac and rarified all stopped in to present the lastest for OU.  There is a tentative date set for Cyan to apply the latest updates and fixes (around November 12th), some of which are working clickable while sitting, KI pictures taken are no longer "broken", the mouse cursor is now free to move outside the game window, and more!  They'll be planning an event to test things in Minkata in the near future.  JW also discussed how best to implement fan content into MOULa, part of an ongoing discussion in this MOUL forum thread.

Guild of Messengers

The GoMe was last to present.  Ahlisendar made the big announcement that the first episode of URU2U had been released.  The group reiterated the call for help on that and the other various projects, Guild membership or not.

And that's all for this month.  Another big thank you to Leo for his dedication to moderating the AGM and keeping it going all this time!  Join the party next month (November 3rd) as Doobes continues to moderate and keep things going.

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